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2011 - August 20

Amiya Raya On-The-Spot Painting Competition

First Place Winner

304205_275863442429586_1263766_n.jpg 578491d06f2581ad6283d4e3eae60aee.jpg


2012 - September 27

Maningning Miclat Art Award 2012

Grand Prize Winner

391584_537781819571079_635000008_n.jpg 148873_537781749571086_558833457_n.jpg 429259_537781316237796_1956990753_n.jpg 246548_537783392904255_1545809955_n.jpg 9ca83d764a94e381d65eb71022422380.jpg



2013 - August 7

DFA-ASEAN Philippines Painting Competition 2013

2nd Prize Winner

ab27b7a78356b24d76bb544b5bf46687.jpg 1098306_701131386569454_578140509_n.jpg 12986_701130756569517_336045446_n.jpg




2013 - December 17

AAP 66th Annual Art Competition Painting Category


1512462_776786819003910_1414596192_n.jpg 1477815_776950285654230_14513750_n.jpg 1477390_776787289003863_666780544_n.jpg 1497687_776786949003897_114073469_n.jpg 580853_776954078987184_1180583405_n.jpg



2014 - February 16

AAP On the Spot Painting Competition 2014


1002215_812989278716997_922010900_n.jpg 1014071_812982058717719_881798704_n.jpg 1911776_812991242050134_1864775098_n.jpg 1795533_812988685383723_2102369642_n.jpg


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