Posted Apr 21, 2015
6 Years And 11 Month Old Kid Who Painted Over 30,000 Paintings

Edmund Thomas Clint (1976–1983) was an Indian child prodigy known for having drawn over 30,000 paintings during his short life of seven years.

Clint was the lone son of M.T. Joseph and Chinnamma Joseph. He was named after actor and director Clint Eastwood.

"Pooram" by Edmund Thomas Clint

He loved painting Hindu festivals and traditional events near his home in Kochi, Kerala. When he died of kidney failure in 1983, he was just six years and 11 months old, yet left behind some 30,000 artworks. Normally it would take years of analytical study and training to draw such paintings. His work has been displayed in exhibitions inThiruvananthapuram, Kerala in 1995 and 2007.At the age of 5, he secured first place in a competition held for painters below the age 18.

Some of his paintings.


Clint Road in Kochi, Kerala is named after him. A biography, Clint - Nirangalude Rajakumaran (Clint - The Prince of Colors) was written about him. A Brief Hour of Beauty, another biography in English, is now available on Jain Book Agency

The 2007 Malayalam film Anandabhairavi, about a child prodigy was inspired by Clint's life. Edmund Thomas Clint memorial painting competition for children was held at Kochi in his memory.In September 2014, director Harikumar declared he was planning to make a film based on the life of Clint.




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