Posted Jun 02, 2021
How I Started My Painting Journey?
Just wanted to share my story on how I started painting.
This sounds funny. During the first few years of my painting career I used household paints and clothe of flour sack as my canvas since my parents couldn't afford to buy an expensive acrylic paints in tube and other materials. And I am living in a small town which you can't find any art materials like acrylic paints. During that time I was so addicted into painting that I painted everyday. Excited to woke up in the morning that the very first thing to do was to paint. Started at 6AM and ended at 9PM during weekdays and on school days I still paint after classes. Since I was from a poor family, I do not have art books to follow and no internet. Thanks to an artist who inspired me to start painting. That was 21 years ago from posting this post...
I used this as my paints.
Flour Sacks as canvas.
After more than a year I started to have commissioned paintings and I sold some of my works but not on flour sack but using the cheapest clothe I bought, not yet a canvas. And I was still using the household paints, anyway that didn't matter to them since they bought my paintings from around PhP200 or $4 each for the size of 24x30 inches. I sold many paintings that time that it paid my way to college. Anyway most state universities in the Philippines are not expensive. Then I graduated Computer Science with the help of art.
So that's my story guys. Just want to tell you that no matter what your life is. There are many ways to start building your dreams. The only hindrance is if we don't try.
My painting after 1 year of practice.
Another painting after 1 year of practice.


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