Posted Aug 11, 2016
My 16 Years Of Painting Journeys

I just wanted to share my journeys of painting from year 2000 to 2016. I started when I was 14 years old. My first medium was acrylic and I started oil painting last 2011. I was inspired by the landscape works of local artist Boy Velara and learn some techniques on him. I had a very slow progress because I only rely on history of art books and no internet during the first 3 years. Days, weeks or months I discovered something new and experimenting techniques.

Below is painting from the year 2000. I saw this from the collection of my high school classmate and took photo on it. I don't have camera before so I didn't took photo of my early works. This was not my first painting and my first painting was worst from this one.



Below is one of my recent painting of this year 2016.

Mga Batang Bukid (Uptown Kids) Series 2

I was amazed by some of the works copied from my youtube tutorials especially those who said that it's their first attempts. They did really amazing jobs. I can clearly see that you are better than me. I would like to congratulate you all.


Newly Added Artwork

Now Accepting Commission Works and Orders

Oil Portrait Paintings, Landscape Oil/Acrylic, Abstract and directly copy from picture. Best for birthday gifts, anniversaries, weddings and even for personal collections.



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