Posted Feb 24, 2015
Step By Step Acrylic Landscape Painting

Today, I'll show you how I paint a landscape scene. The view would be imaginary and purely no part came from any pictures. I choose the golden hour in which the time would be from 3pm until the sun sets. The size would be 18 x 24 inches canvas. 


Lets start by painting the sky as you see below. I add  some thin raw sienna at lower part of the sky to make it look like an afternoon scene as what I mention above. Make sure raw sienna has blended with sky blue enough to be almost unnotice.



This part I added the horizon, but sorry its not really straight coz I'm going to add some mountains later. That is why its ok I did it this way. The colors were green blended with raw sienna. Don't worry it is still the base coat.



This time I place the clouds. It is the mixture of indigo blended with gray and I added the light yellowish orange highlights in which the golden lights strike into. I assumed that the sun was in my left.



The mountains are bluish but it is just the base coat. We will add details later.



I sketched some mountain details and the tree on left with the road which is raw sienna.



Now, I am going to plant the trees. You see it is still dark bluish or something. Don't worry It is still the base color.



The details on mountains are now visible. Splashes of yellow, raw sienna and green to make it more like touched by a golden sun. 



I put details on trees, the road and fields.



More details on the the muddy road with bluish shadows.



Adding more fine details on grasses. Finalizing the tree on the left.



Adding some flowers on grasses.



And lastly refining the clouds and adding the nipa hut. I assume that this place is in the Philippines. 

That's it! It's done! 



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