Posted Jun 06, 2017
Sari-Saring Kwento (Different Stories) Group Art Exhibit @ Fred's Gallery In Baguio City

Sari-Saring Kwento or Different Stories group art exhibition by Filipino artist which will be held in Baguio City, Philippines. The opening will be today June 6, 2017 at 6:00 P.M. in Fred's Gallery, Baguio City.

This will be joined by the following artists:

Visual Artist at Jmlisondra Arts
Servant at SFC San Sebastian at CFC Singles for Christ
EARIST nagtahan manila
Visual Artist at 2Q Artists Philippines
I am the master of every master piece i make :) at Freelance Artist
Works at Artist
Visual Artist/Painter Member of Grupo Sining Batangueño at Master painter of art collection
Far Eastern University
Works at Visual Artist
Painter at Artist
Owner at Smvo Design

I will be exhibiting two of my artworks below:

Early morning walkReaching Dreams



Newly Added Artwork

Now Accepting Commission Works and Orders

Oil Portrait Paintings, Landscape Oil/Acrylic, Abstract and directly copy from picture. Best for birthday gifts, anniversaries, weddings and even for personal collections.



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