Acrylic Landscape Painting Tutorial | Sunflowers On Vase | Step By Step Painting For Beginners

Mar 10, 2020 Back to Gallery - Painting Tutorials In Real Time Video

In this acrylic landscape painting tutorial on how to paint sunflowers on brown flower vase, you can learn on how to paint still life on a landscape in step by step painting for beginners.

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In this tutorial, you can also learn on how to paint an afternoon landscape with still life sunflowers on a flower vase and a river on the background. You can also learn some lights and shadows and make it realistic. It's a 1 hour and 26 minutes step by step easy and basic full instructional painting tutorial using acrylics.

Acrylic Paint Colors: Titanium white Phthalo Blue / Ultramarine Blue / Primary Blue Brilliant Red / Primary Red / Cadmium Red Medium Yellow / Primary Yellow Raw Umber / Burnt Umber / Burnt Sienna

Brushes: Number 12 Nylon Flat Brush (Long Handle) Number 8 Nylon Flat Brush (Long Handle) Number 7 Nylon Flat Brush (Short Handle) Number 3 Nylon Flat Brush (Short Handle) Number 0 Nylon Liner Brush or Round Brush or No. 1, 00, 000 (Short Handle)

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