Acrylic Painting Tutorial

this is an acrylic painting lessons.

Introduction to acrylic painting
Introduction To Acrylic Painting
What is Acrylic Paint? Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint made of pigment suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Acrylic paints are water-soluble, but become ...
Acrylic paints and color selections
Acrylic Paints And Color Selections
Brands I am not really strict on the brands I used but for beginners I recommend student grade acrylics since it's cheaper and you really need more of that for practice. I even used student grades tod...
Artist brushes for acrylics
Artist Brushes For Acrylics
I only used few brushes when I painted landscape paintings both in oils and acrylics. I am a self-taught artist and no one taught me to used specific brushes for a specific medium. Sometimes I used wa...
stretched canvas
Stretched Canvas
You can always buy canvas on your local art store, galleries and online. Most of the canvas they sell are pre-primed, meaning it's primed with gesso. You can distinguish it by touching the surfac...
the basics of acrylic painting
The Basics Of Acrylic Painting
In this lesson, I am going to discuss about the blending, color mixing, adding lights and shades and other basic things you need to know to start acrylic painting. As I mentioned in the introduction, ...
basic color mixing using 5 limited colors on palette
Basic Color Mixing Using 5 Limited Colors On Palette
In this topic you will learn on how to mix acrylic paints using only 5 limited colors. As I mentioned on the previous topics, I used limited colors because I want you to learn on how to mix and it's a...
basic acrylic paint blending
Basic Acrylic Paint Blending
3 Ways of Blending Acrylics   Wet on Wet Technique In this technique, you will be blending two wet colors and met them in the center to blend. Usually it's more applicable when two different valu...
how to paint lights and shadows in acrylic
How To Paint Lights And Shadows In Acrylic
If you are practicing realism, you might want to study how light interacts with certain objects. It's not that easy and accuracy is really hard to achieve, that's why you need to study and practi...
color mixing to match the reference colors in acrylic
Color Mixing To Match The Reference Colors In Acrylic
When you want to do some portraits like animals or people you might need to practice matching colors and mixing it from limited palette. Even in landscape paintings, you need also to mix almost simila...
how to clean the acrylic painting palette
How To Clean The Acrylic Painting Palette
This is just an additional topic on how to clean your palette. Like cleaning your brush, you need also to clean your palette. I just use alcohol and cotton and wipe the paints away from my palette....
acrylic landscape painting level 1: basics
Acrylic Landscape Painting Level 1: Basics
Level 1 basic landscape painting is all about painting simple objects and learning to use brushes and mixing colors from limited palette with real applications. Focusing on copying natural objects lik...
painting sky and clouds in acrylic
Painting Sky And Clouds In Acrylic
Before, when I was still starting to paint, clouds was one of the hardest sugject I painted. My clouds before was like big huge gray rocks with constant same curve shapes. I was really struggling. And...
how to paint mountains in acrylic
How To Paint Mountains In Acrylic
In this topic, I will teach you on how to paint mountains using acrylic. In the first video, you will learn on how to paint it properly, the do's and don't. How to properly shape a mountain that it wi...
painting grasses using different brushes in acrylic
Painting Grasses Using Different Brushes In Acrylic
This topic will let you try to paint different grasses using different brushes. Each brushes have specific functions but you can mix up and use different brushes with only 1 subject, and in this topic...
painting different trees using different brushes in acrylic
Painting Different Trees Using Different Brushes In Acrylic
Some brushes have specific function like the fan brush in which it's almost mainly for tree leaves but it can also be use in other technique like adding details on clouds. In this topic you will learn...
painting basic tree trunks
Painting Basic Tree Trunks
In this tutorials you will learn on how to paint basic tree trunks. Tree trunks have different shapes, details and colors and sometimes it's hard to achieve realistic effect when you have no reference...
how to paint rocks
How To Paint Rocks
This are the basics on how to paint rocks. You can try with different shapes and colors and quantity. Just enjoy and I hope you get something out of this and ready for a more advance rock painting....
how to paint misty effects
How To Paint Misty Effects
This tutorial will focus only on how to blend the colors and make it look like misty or foggy. I used trees to paint this because it's easy for me. By changing the color values, you will learn on how ...
acrylic landscape painting level 2: simple landscapes
Acrylic Landscape Painting Level 2: Simple Landscapes
In this tutorial, you will learn an advance landscape painting but I keep it in more simple subject such as focusing on a small waterfall, rocks, bushes and trees. You can also learn on how to add sha...
how to paint rocks with highlights and shadows
How To Paint Rocks With Highlights And Shadows
In this video tutorial you will learn to paint basic rocks and adding some realistic highlights and shadows....
how to paint flower garden with pathway and big rock in acrylic
How To Paint Flower Garden With Pathway And Big Rock In Acrylic
This is a basic tutorial on how to paint simple flower garden with some rocks and pathway using acrylic....
how to paint shallow river with rocks in acrylic
How To Paint Shallow River With Rocks In Acrylic
Another simple and easy tutorial but with realistic result. In this tutorial you will learn on how to paint realistic transparent water reflections and underwater rocks....
how to paint ferns and dried leaves in acrylic
How To Paint Ferns And Dried Leaves In Acrylic
In this tutorial, I will focus on paingting ferns with dried leaves on the ground. Usually this is a scenery on the floor of a rainforest. ...