Acrylic Paints And Color Selections


I am not really strict on the brands I used but for beginners I recommend student grade acrylics since it's cheaper and you really need more of that for practice. I even used student grades today because of its price and really need many for my tutorials on Youtube. I remember before when I was still starting I used household paints like latex boysen because it's way cheaper and the only paints accessible to my place. 

On the brands, I recommend Liquitex Basics, Reeves and Pebeo Studio Opague. On this three Pebeo is better but more expensive. You can also used other brands that you liked. You just have to experiment and find the best for you. You can find some of my recommended materials on AMAZON.

 Color Selection


I used limited 5 colors on my palette because I encourage everyone to practice mixing. Mixing is one of the challenging part in painting because you need to join two to three colors to create another color. And the difficult part is that you need to match the color of nature or your reference if you have any. For me it's a must that you need to learn on how to mix as part of your learning on how to paint.

In my lessons you need these five colors:

  • Titanium white
  • Phthalo Blue / Primary Blue / Ultramarine Blue / Blue
  • Brilliant Red / Cadmium red / Toloudine Red / Red
  • Medium Yellow / Primary Yellow / Hanza Yellow / Yellow
  • Burnt Sienna / Burnt Umber / Raw Umber(Recommended)

I was using black on some of my old videos that's why you also need to prepare black. Why I don't use it now? It's because I only used black to mix it to red and yellow to create browns and since I have Raw umber I don't need it and black will just make your mixing muddy if you don't know how to control. You can find some of my recommended materials on AMAZON.

Cleaning the Brushes

Each time you're done using your brush, you need to soak the brush into the water to make it wet. Acrylic dries fast and it will ruin your brush once it dries so you should make sure it's wet or clean without any paints on bristle.