Acrylic Landscape Painting Level 1: Basics

acrylic landscape painting level 1: basics

Level 1 basic landscape painting is all about painting simple objects and learning to use brushes and mixing colors from limited palette with real applications. Focusing on copying natural objects like grasses, trees, clouds and mountains or all elements that make up a landscape painting. 

This lesson also will take up about learning on how to create leaves and grasses using different types of brushes. I recommend this lessons to beginners who want to try landscape painting and I even recommend to take up this lesson first because it will challenge beginners to practice mixing and using different types of brushes. It may look complicated and hard, but I tell you that this are mostly basic lessons. And at the end of this lesson, you can even painting your own landscape using this techniques. You just have to compose from painting the sky, clouds, mountains, trees until grasses.

Painting Sky And Clouds In Acrylic
painting sky and clouds in acrylicBefore, when I was still starting to paint, clouds was one of the hardest sugject I painted. My clouds before was like big huge gray rocks with constant same curve shapes. I was really struggling. And in this topic, I hope I can help you lessen the struggles and help you improve painting clouds. I also have old videos that I will include here. How to Paint Afternoon Clouds Proper Way on Painting Clouds How to Paint Clouds (Old Video) How to Paint Afternoon Sky and Clouds ...

How To Paint Mountains In Acrylic
how to paint mountains in acrylicIn this topic, I will teach you on how to paint mountains using acrylic. In the first video, you will learn on how to paint it properly, the do's and don't. How to properly shape a mountain that it will look like realistic and also the proper highlights and shadings. You can watch below the common mistakes on painting distant forest mountains in which I am going to demonstrate the proper way on achieving realistic effect.   Below, I am demonstrating on how to paint snowy mountains the very easy and basic way.   You can also learn on how to paint green mountains. This is similar with the one above but this one is nearer and darker.   The one below is the most basic but I used the robot voice on recording the audio and I hope that it's not anoying for you.    So ...

Painting Grasses Using Different Brushes In Acrylic
painting grasses using different brushes in acrylicThis topic will let you try to paint different grasses using different brushes. Each brushes have specific functions but you can mix up and use different brushes with only 1 subject, and in this topic the subject is the grass. The only difference is that on how you use that specific brush to create grass.  You can try this technique by following the instructions on the video. You can try the available brush you have if it's in the video or you can buy to try the brushes I used if you don't have any. The brushes are:  Bristle Fan Brush Bristle Flat Brush Bristle Round Brush Nylon Flat Brush Nylon Filbert Brush Nylon Round Brush If you don't have any of this brushes, you can try the available brushes you have. Another How to Paint Grasses Video Tutorial.   Below is the spec...

Painting Different Trees Using Different Brushes In Acrylic
painting different trees using different brushes in acrylicSome brushes have specific function like the fan brush in which it's almost mainly for tree leaves but it can also be use in other technique like adding details on clouds. In this topic you will learn on how to use different brushes to paint tree leaves. This is a practice lesson to master the use of each brush. Another video below in which you can learn on how to paint basic tree leaves....

Painting Basic Tree Trunks
painting basic tree trunksIn this tutorials you will learn on how to paint basic tree trunks. Tree trunks have different shapes, details and colors and sometimes it's hard to achieve realistic effect when you have no reference from photo. I created this very basic tutorials as your guide to make it easier to achieve. Below you can also learn on painting birch tree trunks.   I hope you get something out of this tutorial and learn to paint tree trunks. It's not always easy but you will learn to paint it. ...

How To Paint Rocks
how to paint rocksThis are the basics on how to paint rocks. You can try with different shapes and colors and quantity. Just enjoy and I hope you get something out of this and ready for a more advance rock painting....

How To Paint Misty Effects
how to paint misty effectsThis tutorial will focus only on how to blend the colors and make it look like misty or foggy. I used trees to paint this because it's easy for me. By changing the color values, you will learn on how to paint misty effect, just from light to dark or adding white and dark color you will understand it's effect with every value you added. Just enjoy and learn more. :)...