How To Paint Mountains In Acrylic

In this topic, I will teach you on how to paint mountains using acrylic. In the first video, you will learn on how to paint it properly, the do's and don't. How to properly shape a mountain that it will look like realistic and also the proper highlights and shadings.

You can watch below the common mistakes on painting distant forest mountains in which I am going to demonstrate the proper way on achieving realistic effect.


Below, I am demonstrating on how to paint snowy mountains the very easy and basic way.


You can also learn on how to paint green mountains. This is similar with the one above but this one is nearer and darker.


The one below is the most basic but I used the robot voice on recording the audio and I hope that it's not anoying for you. 


So this are the videos on how to paint basic mountains. Always remember, there are no shortcuts and everything can be achieve through constant practice. Paint more and have fun :)