Painting Grasses Using Different Brushes In Acrylic

This topic will let you try to paint different grasses using different brushes. Each brushes have specific functions but you can mix up and use different brushes with only 1 subject, and in this topic the subject is the grass. The only difference is that on how you use that specific brush to create grass. 

You can try this technique by following the instructions on the video. You can try the available brush you have if it's in the video or you can buy to try the brushes I used if you don't have any. The brushes are: 

  • Bristle Fan Brush
  • Bristle Flat Brush
  • Bristle Round Brush
  • Nylon Flat Brush
  • Nylon Filbert Brush
  • Nylon Round Brush

If you don't have any of this brushes, you can try the available brushes you have.

Another How to Paint Grasses Video Tutorial.


Below is the specific way on how to paint using fan brush.