Basic Color Mixing Using 5 Limited Colors On Palette

In this topic you will learn on how to mix acrylic paints using only 5 limited colors. As I mentioned on the previous topics, I used limited colors because I want you to learn on how to mix and it's a must. I will be using two neutral colors which are black and white mixing it with the three primary colors to create almost all the colors you want. The primary colors are red, blue and yellow. But I will give you the specific name of colors to this primary. The colors are:

  • Titanium white
  • Phthalo Blue / Primary Blue / Ultramarine Blue / Blue
  • Brilliant Red / Cadmium red / Toloudine Red / Red
  • Medium Yellow / Primary Yellow / Hanza Yellow / Yellow
  • Black (In the future I will not be using this color, instead I'll replace this with Burnt Umber/Raw Umber)

You can refer to the "Introduction To Acrylic Painting" lesson to know the brands that I am using. You can also check on AMAZON the recommended brands that I mostly used. 

Using the five limited colors you can create secondary colors like green, orange and violet depending on the amounts you are mixing but let us assume that it has the same value. You can play more on mixing by using the neutrals and create different values. 

I want you to stay for a while on this topic, maybe a day or two by just trying to mix and learn more from it. It's still up to you how fast you learn.