Cinematic Outdoor Painting On The Beach Using Acrylic Paints

Jun 13, 2019 Back to Gallery - Outdoor Painting Sessions

First time to upload a cinematic outdoor painting on sunset beach using acrylic. I love the landscape and the seascape while watching the sun sets, the area was so relaxing and I love hearing the crashing waves. This is not far from my home, just wanted to have a little different kind of video that I used to upload on Youtube with some aerials shots. Hopefully you like this and I will be adding more videos like this one in the future while roaming around the country finding the best spots to do the plein air painting. Please don't forget to hit like, add some comments and subscribe for more videos.

Acrylic Paint Colors:

Titanium white
Phthalo Blue / Ultramarine Blue / Primary Blue
Brilliant Red / Primary Red / Cadmium Red
Medium Yellow / Primary Yellow
Raw Umber / Burnt Umber / Burnt Sienna


Number 12 Nylon Flat Brush (Long Handle)
Number 8 Nylon Flat Brush (Long Handle)
Number 7 Nylon Flat Brush (Short Handle)
Number 3 Nylon Flat Brush (Short Handle)
Number 0 Nylon Liner Brush or Round Brush
or No. 1, 00, 000 (Short Handle)

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Background Music: The Rising by Aakash Gandhi

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